SOPRANATURE’s TOUNDRA BOX is a pre-vegetated modular tray system. It is composed of a box made of 100% recycled polypropylene and removable, recyclable white belts, containing a filter fabric and a growing medium in which a mix of sedum species is cultivated. The mix of sedums can be adapted according to the hardiness zone and climatic conditions. The TOUNDRA BOX system can be installed on SOPRANATURE green roofs, garden terraces, and plaza decks.


The TOUNDRA BOX boxes are installed with their white belts (removable upper part) left in place. The white belts are removed once the complete next row of boxes is installed and secured in place. The white belts can be recycled. The installation of the TOUNDRA BOX system must be immediately followed by saturation watering. FOR FURTHER DETAILS ON PRODUCT INSTALLATION AS WELL AS RECOMMENDATIONS ON RUSTICITY ZONES AND CLIMATE ZONES, PLEASE CONSULT A SOPREMA REPRESENTATIVE.


Testing & Approvals

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Berry Architecture Office Building – Red Deer, Alberta

“The building’s crowning glory is the green roof which features a stream, native plantings, vegetable gardens, and bird, butterfly and bee habitats”, as stated by Berry Architecture + Associates. SOPREMA®’s SOPRANATURE® vegetated system was chosen for this project attaining LEED Gold certification.

Airport High School – West Columbia, South Carolina

Because of the uneven surface of the remaining embedded aggregate, SOPRAROCK® was chosen knowing that this board would conform to the uneven surface much better than a rigid coverboard could. This idea spawned another....”why not use SOPRASMART® XP”; and allow one application step instead of two. The project was capped off with SOPRALENE® 180 FR GR, in COLPLY® Adhesive.