SOPRANATURE TOUNDRA BOX combines all the necessary components of a green roofing system into a modular tray. Each tray includes built in drainage slots, filter fabric, growing medium and pre-grown plants protected by a removable retention frame. Suitable for both small and large surfaces, these lightweight, easy-to-carry trays are easily assembled in minutes to create an instant green roof.


Install SOPRANATURE TOUNDRA BOXES with the retention frames left in place. Once you have two rows of boxes in place, remove the retention frames from the first row. SOPRANATURE TOUNDRA BOXES can be cut to size using a circular saw. Upon completion, copiously water the system, thoroughly soaking the growing medium.


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Yale School of Nursing – New Haven, Connecticut

A very unique situation presented itself at the Yale School of Nursing. How to waterproof metal screen under complicated HVAC equipment while providing a new walkable surface? The answer is a fully reinforced, low odor ALSAN RS 260 LO PMA (polymethacrylate) System with a slip resistant surfacing layer (ALSAN RS 290 Textured Finish).

MODE Apartments – Chicago, Illinois

The MODE Apartments located in Logan Square, just northwest of downtown Chicago, offers residents luxurious living both inside and out. SOPREMA’s SOPRANATURE® product line was used to develop the private patios and common areas that are available to residents.