909 Walnut Fidelity Tower Building – Kansas City, Missouri

As the tallest apartment building in Missouri, the 909 Walnut Fidelity Tower Building has been refurbished to provide thirty-four floors of beautiful, spacious luxury suites for high-rise living. Originally built in 1931 as a bank, the tower also offers prime office space. Connecting the 909 Walnut Tower and the 929 Walnut building, is a new eight-story parking garage with an amenity on its roof most apartment owners could only dream of. Atop this new parking garage is a lush garden which will provide an outdoor and community space typically only found at a nearby park. This rooftop garden is yet another example of the vegetative roofs that are popping up throughout Kansas City. “They act as a great insulator, reduce storm run-off, dampen noise and can even lengthen the life of the roof” said Jeffrey Bruce. Mr. Bruce should know; his company was responsible for the design of 909 Walnut’s rooftop garden and is one of the premier landscape architectural firms in the nation specializing in vegetative roof projects.