Leicester Fire Department – Leicester, Massachusetts

The Leicester Fire Department is dedicated to protecting the lives and property of the citizens of Leicester Massachusetts. Education and training is one of their top priorities, to ensure they are prepared when duty calls. Whether it is a medical emergency, fire, accident or natural disaster, the fire department is prepared and ready to respond.

When building a new fire station, the department needed a wall assembly that would ensure a water-tight building. To complete this project, SOPREMA wall systems were selected. With the use of SOPRASEAL® LM 203, SOPRASEAL Stick VP and SOPRASEAL Stick 1100T, the department does not have to worry about moisture infiltration in their brand new facility.

SOPREMA could provide a single source manufacture system allowing for the design to be fully tied in and offering a continuous air and vapor barrier. Additionally, the SOPRASEAL product line was able to satisfy the needs of multiple solutions that were diverse and compatible with the project needs, this was one of the reasons the products were selected.