Michigan State University – East Lansing, Michigan

The facilities management staff at Michigan State University is responsible for over 17,000,000 sq.ft. of roofs. When the staff determines that a re-roof of one of the 580 buildings on campus is necessary, options are limited to known and trusted manufacturers that offer systems with superior in-field performance, such as SOPREMA.

With input from a number of people on SOPREMA’s team, a hybrid roof membrane was proposed. The idea was to provide a roof membrane with the desired redundancy of proven two ply SBS-modified bitumen with the added benefits of a copper surface material that would meet the aesthetic requirements on this historic building. The proposed solution; two plies of SOPRALENE® 180 Sanded followed by adhering SENTINEL Copper Art P150 HFB was presented for MSU’s consideration.

Because of the relationship between Michigan State and SOPREMA and their trust in our product performance, the SBS-modified bitumen/PVC hybrid membrane option from SOPREMA was approved by all parties.