Museum of the American Revolution – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Museum of the American Revolution is located in the heart of Philadelphia, a city that played a vital role in America’s founding. Standing at three stories tall, the museum will house original artifacts, display settings, and theaters for visitors to explore. Each exhibit will display a different part of America’s history, and will come together to tell the story of America’s founding.

Multiple SOPREMA products ranging from ELASTOPHENE® Flam to the SOPRANATURE® vegetated roofing system were used to complete this project. The Museum of the American Revolution is unique in the fact that it has an exposed SBS roof membrane, extensive vegetated roofs, terrace roofs with pavers and even has some vegetated wall systems. The building resembles 1800’s architecture with a modern flare.

By installing approximately 9,500 square feet of extensive vegetated roofing and 6,800 square feet with a high albedo, the building is working to reduce the heat island effect in Philadelphia. As an added measure to ensure the waterproofing integrity, an electronic leak detection device was used to identify any cracks that may have allowed for water penetration.