Pearl Block 136 – Portland, Oregon

Formerly home to the Pacific Northwest College of Art’s, the Pearl Block 136 will now offer residential and office space in Portland, Oregon. The facility encompasses 2 buildings that are separated by a publicly accessible courtyard, one of many requirements that were established for the new construction. In addition to the publicly accessible open space, the neighborhood also required that the height of the building facing NW 13th Avenue would not exceed a set height. The last request from the neighborhood was that office space was included to continue the daytime activity in the area. When completed, the project will include a 5 story office building and 15 story residential tower that provides over 200 living units.

For this project, SOPREMA’s SOPRASEAL® product line was selected to provide an airtight barrier. The project was originally specified with another membrane, but due to poor adhesion, our SOPRASEAL Stick VP and SOPRASOLIN® HD products were substituted in. Due to the superior adhesion without a primer, the products outlasted various storms throughout the installation process without any additional support. This wall system out lasted all the obstacles during installation and provided a complete and fully protected, vapor permeable air barrier for the Pearl Block 136 project.