Placer County Water Agency – Auburn, California

The Placer County Water Agency was established in 1957 under the “Placer County Water Agency Act”. It is now the primary water resource agency for Placer County, California and serves over 38,000 customers across numerous service areas. The agency does more than provide water to locals; it also acts as a water resource planning and management site, produces hydroelectric energy and is a wholesale supplier for drinking and irrigation water.

In 2015, the Placer County Water Agency took on a tear-off roofing project, in which SOPREMA products were used. SOPREMA was the right choice for this project because the breadth of products met the designer’s needs, including meeting California Title 24 energy efficiency standards with the use of ENERGY STAR® rated SOPRASTAR® Flam. Another appealing aspect was the versatility of SOPREMA’s PVC roofing membrane, SENTINEL® P150, which allowed coverage for the vertical walls throughout the roofing system.

Placer County Water Agency used a full SOPREMA assembly on their roofing project from the SOPRABOARD® cover board, to the SOPRASTAR® Flam cap sheet.