Strongsville Starbucks®- Strongsville, Ohio

Whether it is your choice of coffee or not, Starbucks is a name that everyone recognizes. With over 20,000 stores throughout the United States, you can find a coffee shop in nearly every town and in some places, every block. As for the Starbucks located in Strongsville, Ohio, it was time to build a new stand-alone store to offer customers not only a larger location, but also provide a drive thru option.

Roof Rite, the roofing contractor on the job, brought SOPREMA products into the mix based on the wide product selection and proven past performance. The system that was selected to protect the new building included: SOPRA-ISO®, DUOTACK® SPF and SENTINEL® P150 HFB. By using DUOTACK SPF, a product that offers 50% more coverage than the competition and a spatter pattern application, the Roof Rite crews were able to quickly complete the application. The Strongsville Starbucks is now protected by a durable, long-term PVC roofing system.