TD Bank – Boston, Massachusetts

TD Bank is known as “America’s Most Convenient Bank”. This name comes from offering over 1,200 locations along the east coast and providing customers with extended hours and weekend banking options. TD Bank was first established in Portland, Maine and has been servicing customers for more than 150 years. They provide banking needs for retail, small business and commercial companies. As an added benefit, they offer private banking, wealth management services, and vehicle financing and dealer commercial services through multiple subsidiaries. TD Bank strives to provide the utmost customer service and a hassle-free environment to their customers.

In 2017, TD Bank expanded its locations to South Boston, Massachusetts. When looking for a vapor permeable spray application with multiple advantages, SOPREMA’s SOPRASEAL® LM 202 VP was selected. In addition to the use of SOPRASEAL LM 202 VP, SOPRASEAL Liquid Flashing was applied as the joint treatment in conjunction with SOPRASEAL Stick 1100T as the transition flashing providing the building with a total air barrier system.