University of Oregon Residence Hall – Eugene, Oregon

The Universityy of Oregon, located in Eugene, Oregon, is most well-known for its research and education accomplishments. The university is recognized as one of the Association of American Universities, a group of 60 leading public and private research institutions. Students have over 300 degree options ranging from Biology to Political Science and everything in between. The university is also well-known for its 17 NCAA sports teams that have brought in 24 national championships for the Oregon Ducks.

With a student population of over 24,000, the University of Oregon was in need of a new residence hall. When selecting an air barrier for the project, it was decided that SOPRASEAL® Stick VP and SOPRASOLIN® HD would be applied. These products were selected due their ABAA testing standards and superior adhesion without primer in cold damp weather. The installers felt that these products adhered better than any self-adhered membranes they have used in the past. To uphold to the green commitment the university has, this is a Gold certified LEED project.