The Westin Savannah Harbor – Savannah, Georgia

Known for being the tallest building in Savannah, Georgia, The Westin is one of the city’s most well-known buildings. It offers visitors a great location to explore Savannah as well as plenty of on-resort activities for those who want to spend the day relaxing. With secluded beach access and an 18-hole PGA golf course just steps away, it is the perfect getaway for everyone.

The Westin was due for a roof replacement on 17,828 square feet of its property. To complete the project, SOPREMA’s SOPRAISO ™, DUOTACK®, SENTINEL® P-150, and ALSAN® RS 230 Flash were selected. These products allowed for the design to meet FM 1-120 codes and the use of ALSAN RS 230 Flash solved any difficult flashing details which was only one of many reasons
SOPREMA products were selected.

“SOPREMA’s single-ply membranes have a reputation for strength and durability,” said Henri Brickey, Director of Business Development, Whitco Roofing. “But we also needed a roofing system that could provide a waterproofing solution for flashing a large number of column posts and other complicated penetrations that tied into The Westin’s roof system.”