Total Solutions for Building Envelopes

SOPREMA offers a comprehensive line of commercial roofing, waterproofing, soundproofing, wall protection and civil engineering solutions. We combine decades of experience and continual innovation to provide total solutions for building envelopes.

Bring in a Mammoth.

Our commercial roofing applications include industry-leading SBS-modified bitumen membranes, polymeric PMMA/PMA liquid-applied membranes and synthetic single-ply PVC membranes.

Our other products provide answers for challenges related to waterproofing, soundproofing, and air and vapor barriers, as well as bridge and parking structures.

Customers trust us. We’ve proven our mettle over 100 years in business. And our technology continually evolves, as we provide reliable, durable products, while emphasizing sustainability and responsible product design. For total solutions for building envelopes, Bring in a Mammoth.

Commercial Roofing Solutions

Roofing applications are not one-size-fits-all. Design, weather conditions and environmental concerns must be considered. SOPREMA has spent decades innovating commercial roofing products to address these issues and more, offering SBS-modified bitumen, PMMA/PMA liquid applied systems and single-ply PVC.

Waterproofing Solutions

For everything from foundations to parking decks, SOPREMA offers waterproofing solutions. We provide above-grade and below-grade options for SBS-modified bitumen, as well as liquid-applied PMMA/PMA products and rubberized asphalt.

SOPRANATURE® Vegetated Roof Systems

SOPREMA total building solutions include SOPRANATURE vegetated roofing systems with social, economic and environmental benefits. SOPRANATURE roof ecological systems reduce stormwater runoff, improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Soundproofing Solutions

SOPREMA soundproofing products include a water-based polymer emulsion primer, a high-density felt membrane and a high-density polyethylene membrane coated with granules of recycled rubber. We also offer sound insulators and metal furrings for drywall ceilings.

Wall Protection Solutions

SOPREMA’s air and vapor barrier products include laminated boards, self-adhered to spray and roller-grade permeable or non-permeable options. We also have accessories and primers such as liquid flashing, self-adhered membranes, sealants, primer and screws.

Civil Engineering Solutions

SOPREMA has specialized products for waterproofing and protection of bridges, dams, canals, tunnels, parking structures and more. Our SBS-modified bitumen, polymeric liquid-applied and synthetic thermoplastic membranes and accessories deliver solutions for engineers and building consultants.

For Professionals

If you’re a professional who designs, constructs or specifies, we want you to benefit from all SOPREMA has to offer. We’ve gathered products, technical data, resources and other helpful links below for each segment of building design, construction and renovation.



SOPREMA provides total solutions for building envelopes, with a proven track record of customer success. Our goal is to work alongside you to assess your challenges and provide the products and services to meet your project’s needs.