Sustainability Efforts

Power saving EFFORTS:

Dedicated to fostering a culture of sustainability, we’ve implemented a range of power-saving efforts throughout our facilities. One notable initiative involves the integration of electrical sub-meters, providing comprehensive insights into energy consumption across our headquarters and plant. By evaluating energy usage patterns, we gain invaluable knowledge to optimize and identify potential areas for improvement. From pinpointing excessive energy consumption to detecting anomalies that may signify appliance malfunctions, this data-driven approach empowers us to make informed decisions that positively impact our environmental footprint. 


Landscaping around SOPREMA Head Quarters

The landscape surrounding SOPREMA’s office buildings is a vital component to environmental stewardship and sustainability. With over 30 trees, 100 shrubs and 700 flowers adorning the grounds, the landscape serves as a thriving ecosystem. The abundant greenery serves as a natural sink, aiding in the absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere 

Charging Stations

At headquarters, SOPREMA has strategically installed four EV charging stations in the parking lot, embracing clean energy solutions and committing to sustainability. By providing accessible charging infrastructure, SOPREMA actively encourages the adoption of electric cars among collaborators and visitors; promoting a shift away from traditional fuel-powered vehicles and their associated emissions.