Looking to Save Time and Money on Your Next Roofing Project?

Finding ways to expedite project timelines and eliminate unnecessary costs is an important step in today’s industry. Everyone knows that one way of doing this is by training employees to increase productivity and more efficient workers, but another option is to consider your product selection. When looking for products that aid in time and labor savings, you do not want to just simply look at the price of the product, but also the technologies and equipment needs. Many application methods eliminate the need for additional equipment and offer quick and easy installation methods.


Self-Adhered Products

Self-adhered roofing products are one example of products that offer a quick and easy installation and require fewer steps than many other available membranes. To install a self-adhered membrane, only a few simple steps are required. Once the membrane is rolled out and in place, it is installed by removing a protective release film and adhered directly to the substrate. In addition, cover strips can be adhered directly over the existing product rather than having to take the time to heat-weld each section.  Without the need for additional steps, such as heat-welding, mechanically fastening or other installation methods, the process can be completed in less time. This process can provide substantial time and labor savings during the entire installation process. 

Another benefit to self-adhered products is that there is no need for any special equipment to be brought onto the work site for installation. When working with hot asphalt, single ply or mechanically fastened products, additional equipment is generally required. With self-adhered membranes, the only equipment that would be required is a weighted roller to ensure the product is properly adhered to the substrate. Throughout the years, there have been advancements to the technology, such as SOPREMA’s SURE-STICK product line that provides a film self-adhered membrane, meaning there is no interplay priming required.


Combining Steps

soprema's time saving soprasmart product

Other product options that are available in the market include products that combine typical field applications steps in the manufacturing process. These solutions can drastically cut installation times by simply eliminating the need for multiple steps.  For example, SOPRASMART® Board 180 ISO combines a SBS-modified bitumen membrane, asphaltic coverboard and two inches of polyisocyanurate insulation into one product. This results in a one-step application for all three products. Before these types of products existed, applicators had to install each layer separately, resulting in a three step method. Now, these products are being manufactured together to be installed in one step, providing an estimated 35% savings in labor costs.  


STPE Technology

soprema colphene barr spray application

STPE products are another solution designed with time and labor savings in mind. This technology is a hybrid product, combining the most desirable features of silicone and polyurethane technologies. It is a safe and environmentally friendly solution that offers applicators quick cure times. STPE technology can bond to ‘green’ concrete, allowing you to coat the concrete sooner and reduce backfill wait times, when used in below-grade applications allowing construction projects to move forward and stick to tight project deadlines.

In addition to quick cure times, these systems require very minimal preparation work and offer a fast and easy installation process. Products like COLPHENE® LM BARR offer a spray grade application method that allows for a one pass application. This can save time by eliminating the need to apply a second or third coat of the product, allowing for crews to move onto the next step quicker.


Innovative Application Methods and Products

soprema Colply ef ribbon applied adhesive

Innovation is important in the advancement of products and application methods. This leads us into the next type of time and labor saving products available. We are seeing new and advanced application methods more frequently in the market. These methods can provide new benefits and savings in a variety of different ways. For example, COLPLY® EF Ribbon Application was developed because of the need to lessen the risk of moisture in concrete. It holds the same chemistry and product properties as the original COLPY EF product, but with this new application method, provides a completely different solution and can be applied as fast as your crews can walk!


Investing in Equipment

Investing in equipment to help lessen the manual labor requirements of a project can pay off in the long run. Although there will be an initial up-front cost, there are many pieces of equipment designed to increase performance and production time, resulting in savings during labor. An example of this is the Mini MACADEN that was invented to work specifically with SOPREMA thermoweldable membranes. With this machine, a 4-member team can install over 15 membrane rolls per hour, resulting in a much quicker installation process. This is just one example of equipment that is being developed throughout the industry to help alleviate the need for manual labor.


Now is the Time to Start Planning Your Next Project!

Knowing and understanding what options are available for time and labor saving products is the first step in moving forward with creating savings for your next project. Take time to research and understand the product qualities and installation methods then compare the options with the project requirements.  No two projects are the same, but by weighing your options and understanding the various methods available, you can improve time and labor savings on every project.




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There are a variety of options when it comes to cost savings. Whether you are looking to save on project timelines or labor costs, there is a solution to help alleviate some of your hardships. Learn about some of the different steps you can take to stay ahead of the competition.

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