The Labor Shortage: The Next Steps

06-11-2018 | Blog

new ways to reduce time and labor requirements

As we continue to dive deeper into the issue of the labor shortage, the next topic to discuss is what steps need to be taken to reverse the damage that has already been done. We will discuss one of the three main adjustments that can be taken to address the skills and staffing gap in the construction and roofing industry.

In this post, we are going to focus on the need to reduce the labor required to complete jobs. There are many ways we can reduce the amount of labor needed on a job site, but we will specifically discuss the idea of using more efficient and effective products and processes. Selecting the appropriate product and process for your project can mean needing less manpower and less time to complete jobs – resulting in major savings for you.

To start, let’s take a look at the idea of selecting products that are designed to provide you with labor-savings. Many products are developed with this idea in mind. For example, a product that combines three steps into a one-step application drastically decreases the amount of time and labor needed to complete a roofing project. When you use a product like our three-in-one SOPRASMART® Board 180 ISO, you are combining the installation steps of the insulation, coverboard and base membrane into one. This helps cutback on the number of applicators needed for the job and will help complete the project quicker.

Another way to reduce your costs is to look at different application processes. With the advancements in products and installation methods, we no longer have to settle for those time-consuming applications of the past.  One option is selecting a self-adhered roofing membrane, like our SURE-STICK products, that can be applied quickly and requires no additional primers. Another option is to reassess the adhesive application you are using. Products are becoming more and more efficient, and you should be taking advantage of this. We recently developed our new DUOTACK® SPF Adhesive. It is designed to provide applicators with faster flow rates and 50 percent more coverage than competing products. All of these are just a few examples of products that provide you with time and labor savings through quicker installations.

Thinking smart when it comes to product and process selection are just one place that we can begin to look toward to help lessen the effects of the labor shortage.  The other important steps will be to keep working on increasing the number of available workers in the roofing industry and learn the best practices to keep them happy and developed.

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