ALSAN® RS 222 Primer SKU: L-RS001

ALSAN® RS 222 Primer SKU: L-RS001

ALSAN RS 222 Primer is a rapid-setting, proprietary formulation polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) primer. ALSAN RS 222 Primer is utilized to promote adhesion over asphaltic surfaces, roof cover boards, concrete, masonry, wood and other substrates prior to application of ALSAN RS roofing, waterproofing and flashing systems. ALSAN RS 222 Primer reduces the possibility of staining that can occur with ALSAN RS applied directly over asphaltic built-up roofing, asphaltic coatings or asphaltic residue.

Product Properties

  • Overlying Application ALSAN RS


ALSAN RS 222 Primer is applied via brush or roller. Prior to application, refer to published specifications, guidelines and recommendations for complete application instructions. The applicator is responsible for ensuring conditions are appropriate to proceed with proper application methods.


Testing & Approvals

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