ANTIROCK and ANTIROCK Starter are SBS-modified bitumen membranes designed to waterproof bridge decks. ANTIROCK is composed of a proprietary formulation of elastomeric styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) polymer modified bitumen and is reinforced with tough, dimensionally stable non-woven polyester mat. The topside is surfaced with ceramic coated granules and the underside is surfaced with polyolefin burn-off film to facilitate heat welding. ANTIROCK Starter is used as a starting membrane for ANTIROCK and has a with a selvage of 3 in (75 mm) on each side.

Product Properties

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ANTIROCK AND ANTIROCK Starter are mechanically fastened (Macaden, Mini-Macaden) or heat-welded with a propane torch. They must be installed by thermofusion on dry and clean surfaces previously primed with ANTIROCK Primer or ANTIROCK Emulsion Primer. Side lap joints must be a minimum of 3 in (75 mm) and end lap joints must be minimum of 6 in (150 mm). Decks that are to be waterproofed with membrane must conform to the specified surface profile (CSP) of 3-5 of the International Concrete Repair (ICRI). Shotblasting is recommended over the entire surface. Refer to SOPREMA’s ANTIROCK specifications for additional application guidelines.


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Parkland Hospital – Dallas, Texas

The new hospital featured flat rooftops at multiple levels that all needed to be made watertight for decades to come. The roofing system needed to be designed in a way that accounted for a helipad, consistent rooftop traffic, extensive rooftop equipment, lightwells and various utility platforms. A lot stood in the way of Anchor Roofing, the installer, but the meticulous planning for the project meant that all contingencies had been considered by the time application of the waterproofing system began.

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