COLPHENE® LM BARR is a single component, 98% solids content, liquid-applied, moisture-curing elastomeric waterproofing membrane. COLPHENE LM BARR features a STPE moisturecure technology, forming a continuous, tough elastic seal to the substrate. The seal can withstand extreme cold and high temperatures without cracking or softening. This waterproof membrane for roofs is an ideal positive-side waterproofing for sealing foundations. Other uses for COLPHENE LM BARR include slab waterproofing, equipment wells and other underground construction. In above-grade applications, COLPHENE LM BARR can be used to waterproof planter boxes, sealing parapets, plaza decks and green roof systems.

Product Properties

  • Installation Method 1 Part
  • Material Liquid
  • Technology STPE


COLPHENE LM BARR should be used in temperatures above 35° F (2°C.) Maintain COLPHENE LM BARR materials above room temperature before applying. Remove all dirt, oil, loose paint, water, frost and other contamination that can interfere with bonding. Form release residue and lime should be power washed and allowed to dry. COLPHENE LM BARR may be applied to green concrete without outgassing. Although concrete cure times may vary with temperature, for optimum bonding, cure time should be three to seven days. Application surfaces must be dry the touch and free of obvious moisture. See SOPREMA’s installation guides for more information on applying COLPHENE LM BARR.


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