ELASTOCOL™ 350 SKU: 35240

ELASTOCOL™ 350 SKU: 35240

ELASTOCOL 350 is a ready-to-use cold-applied bitumen emulsion primer for use in roofing, walls and waterproofing assemblies. ELASTOCOL 350 is an ultra-low VOC primer used to increase the adhesion of torch-applied and self-adhered membranes.

Product Properties

  • Base Water-Based
  • Overlying Application Heat Welded, Cold Adhesive, Hot Asphalt
  • VOC Low VOC


Thoroughly mix ELASTOCOL 350 prior to application. ELASTOCOL 350 is applied to the approved area via brush, roller or spray equipment. Note: Airless sprayers are not suitable for use. ELASTOCOL 350 is applied at a rate of 0.5 to 0.8 gallon per 100 square feet on non-porous substrates. ELASTOCOL 350 must be thoroughly dry before applying the waterproofing membrane.


Testing & Approvals

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