ALSAN® RS Liquid Thixo is a proprietary thixotropic agent used as an additive with ALSAN RS PMMA & PMA resins to increase resin viscosity. ALSAN RS Liquid Thixo is required with ALSAN RS 230, ALSAN RS 260 LO, ALSAN RS 233 Self-Leveling Mortar, ALSAN RS 263 LO Mortar, ALSAN RS 287 Color Finish Base, ALSAN RS 289 Textured Finish and ALSAN RS Textured Coating when applied on steep slopes or vertical substrates.

Product Properties

  • Material Liquid


For vertical substrates or slopes exceeding 1-1/2 : 12, pre-mix the required ALSAN RS resin with ALSAN RS Liquid Thixo at up to 2% addition by weight. The amount of thixotropic additive needed will vary by slope and temperature. Test the amount of ALSAN RS Liquid Thixo required by mixing small batches before mixing entire units of product. Resin mixed with ALSAN RS Liquid Thixo must be allowed to stand 20 to 30-minutes before use. ALSAN RS Liquid Thixo can be measured using a standard tablespoon (TBSP), where 1 level TBSP is approximately 20g (0.02kg) or 2% addition. Note: storage and working times of ALSAN RS resins are not affected by addition of ALSAN RS Liquid Thixo. Prior to use or application, refer to published specifications, guidelines and recommendations for complete application instructions for the specific ALSAN RS resin being used. The applicator is responsible for ensuring conditions are appropriate to proceed with proper application methods.

Testing & Approvals

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