SOPRANATURE® Drain Plate 25 SKU: W916

SOPRANATURE® Drain Plate 25 SKU: W916

SOPRANATURE Drain Plate 25 is a 1” (25 mm) tall, three-dimensional plastic drainage structure for green roofs made of high-density polyethylene. Unlike flexible drainage sheets made of thin plastic, this is thick, semi-rigid, high-strength product designed to last a lifetime and to withstand heavy pedestrian traffic.

Product Properties

  • Type Drainage Mat
  • Type Green


Lay the plates over the SOPRANATURE Moisture Retention Mat overlapped 6” and overlap the adjacent plates by two corrugations. Stagger the joints in adjacent rows by one-half sheet so that there are no more than three layers at any point. Cut single plates, using a board to protect underlying materials from damage. Fill the plates immediately with water to prevent uplift in windy conditions or expansion in sunny conditions.


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