SOPRAWAY NG2 is an anti-fracture acoustic membrane intended for ceramic tiles floors. The SOPRAWAY NG2 membrane allows the direct application of polymer-modified mortar for any type of tiling. Made of 100% recycled rubber, SOPRAWAY NG2 membrane can block the spread of cracks in the concrete slab, and offers excellent acoustic performance.

Product Properties

  • R-value 0.26
  • Thickness 3/16 inch


For installation where waterproofing characteristics are required, first install the INSONO AF3 and then apply the SOPRAWAY NG2 membrane over it. SOPRAWAY NG2 is glued to wood or concrete decking with a powerful glue. The ceramic is then installed on the SOPRAWAY NG2 after a 24-hour curing period of the adhesive, using ceramic mortar.


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