Hard Rock Casino – Atlantic City, New Jersey

The Hard Rock® Casino, a new addition to the Atlantic City Boardwalk, spans over 17 acres and awes guests upon arrival with a giant guitar. To hold up the Hard Rock reputation, the property boasts a variety of musical artifacts and memorabilia for guests to peruse. With over 20 nightlife and dining options onsite, the hotel offers entertainment 365 days a year.

The building that houses the Hard Rock Casino had an existing SOPREMA two-ply SBS-modified bitumen roofing system that was installed over 20 years ago. Other than granular loss due to excessive traffic on the roof from repairs and construction over the years, the system was still performing well. Because of this, it was decided to use ALSAN Coating AC 401 to maintain and extend the existing roof system.

Documents To Download

  • Hard Rock Casino Project Profile (PDF)

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PROJECT SIZE35,000 square feet
CONTRACTORUnited States Roofing, Inc.
PRODUCTS USEDSOPREMA two-ply SBS-modified bitumen system, ALSAN Coating AC 401

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