POLYFLEECE is Now Available in 300-Foot Rolls

09-23-2021 | Roofing, Waterproofing, Media

Plaza Deck Waterproofing with SOPREMA just got easier!

When used with COLPHENE® LM BARR or LM BARR Spray, this additional size allows for faster installation on horizontal applications which saves the customer time and money.  Furthermore, this larger 300-foot roll saves time by handling less rolls per project.  COLPHENE® LM BARR and LM BARR Spray with POLYFLEECE is the perfect combination for waterproofing various applications such as plaza decks with overburden of pedestals and pavers or vegetated systems.

Dimension:                                Product Code:   

4″ X 50′                                                S972

6″ X 50′                                                S971

8″ X 50′                                                S968

39″ X 50′                                              S970

39″ X 300′                                           S973