The ACOUSTIBOARD panel elimiates the need for the 1 1/2 inch concrete covering that is usually poured over wood structures, while also providing excellent acoustic performance. At only 3/8 inch thick, ACOUSTIBOARD is easy to install on other types of structures and generally needs only to be laid in place. By eliminating the need for concrete over wood structures, it reduces the weight of the structure by more than 20 lb/sf and the height of the subfloor by over 1 1/2 inch.

Product Properties

  • R-value 0.50
  • Thickness 3/8 inch


ACOUSTIBOARD should always be installed with the rubber granules facing down. Mechanically fix the four corners and the conter using staples or large head nails to ensure that the panel is flat/ otherwise, simply lay out the ACOUSTIBOARD. The panels must be installed so that the joints are offset. Leave a space of about 1/8 inch at the perimeter between the ACOUSTIBOARD and walls, and fill it in with acoustic sealant.


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