ALSAN Coating AC 401 Flashing is a VOC compliant high quality single component plasticizer free water based acrylic elastomeric roof coating and protective barrier for a variety of architectural surfaces and substrates. Upon cure, ALSAN Coating AC 401 Flashing forms a durable weatherproof coating that is highly flexible and resistant natural weathering with excellent adhesion to most surfaces including metals, concrete, wood and asphaltic materials. ALSAN Coating AC 401 Flashing is used to flash difficult penetrations, as well as prepare seams, and fasteners for coating with ALSAN Coating AC 401.

Product Properties

  • Material Flashing


ALSAN Coating AC 401 Flashing may be applied in combination with fleece reinforcement by roller or brush for most flashing applications. Surfaces to be coated must be dry, clean, and free from dust, dirt, oil, loose granules, or peeling materials, mildew and other foreign matter. Perform an adhesion test on each surface type to ensure adequate bond can be achieved or if a primer or other specific surface preparation is required. Assure ambient and substrate temperatures remain 50°F (10°C) or above, and will not fall below 32°F within 24-hours of application, to assure proper application and curing. Application is not recommended if rain or dew is likely to occur before product dries. Prior to application, refer to published specifications, guidelines and recommendations for complete application instructions. The applicator is responsible for ensuring conditions are appropriate to proceed with proper application methods.


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