ALSAN TRAFIK EP 141 SKU: 00513167, 00513168, 00513169, 00513170

ALSAN TRAFIK EP 141 SKU: 00513167, 00513168, 00513169, 00513170

ALSAN TRAFIK EP 141 is a two-component, high solids, low odor, liquid applied epoxy primer. This primer provides excellent adhesion to prepped concrete, metal and plywood for application of SOPREMA polyurethane systems. ALSAN TRAFIK EP 141 primer is recommended for light and heavy-duty pedestrian and vehicular applications.

Product Properties

  • Material Polyurethane


Thoroughly mix ALSAN TRAFIK EP 141 Part A and Part B prior to combining. The volume mixing ratio is 1 Part A to 1 Part B liquid (1A:1B). Combined components should be mixed using a jiffy blade mixer at slow speed for at least 5 minutes. ALSAN TRAFIK EP 141 is applied to the approved area via brush or roller. ALSAN TRAFIK EP 141 is applied at a rate of 1 gallon per 300 square feet. Coverage rate will depend on surface roughness and porosity.


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Garibaldi Square Condos – Chicago, Illinois

This award winning project is the direct result of the building owner’s resistance to using hot asphalt and torches on the roof. SOPREMA’s mechanically attached, self-adhered system was used to accommodate the building owner’s desires.

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Because of the uneven surface of the remaining embedded aggregate, SOPRAROCK® was chosen knowing that this board would conform to the uneven surface much better than a rigid coverboard could. This idea spawned another....”why not use SOPRASMART® XP”; and allow one application step instead of two. The project was capped off with SOPRALENE® 180 FR GR, in COLPLY® Adhesive.