ALSAN RS Catalyst Powder 50% is a reactive agent used to induce curing of ALSAN RS resin products.

Product Properties

  • Material Catalyst


Using a slow-speed (200 to 400 rpm) mechanical agitator, premix the entire container of resin for two minutes before each use, including prior to pouring off resin into a second container if batch mixing. Catalyze only the amount of material that can be applied with 10-15 minutes. Add premeasured catalyst to the resin component, mix for two minutes and apply to substrate. Refer to individual product data sheets for specific recommendations and requirements for the resin being used. The amount of catalyst added to ALSAN RS resins varies by resin type, quantity of resin to be mixed, and by the ambient temperature during mixing and installation. Refer to specific ALSAN RS product date sheets and specifications for additional application information.

Testing & Approvals

FBC FL13806-R8  Liquid-Applied Roof Systems

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