COLPHENE H is a hot applied, rubberized asphalt composed of a select blend of refined asphalts, recycled rubber and inert extenders. COLPHENE H is used in horizontal and vertical waterproofing of plazas, podiums, decks, planters, tunnels, underground vaults, bridges, foundation walls, garden roofs and parking garages. COLPHENE H is also used in IRMA configurations.

Product Properties

  • Installation Method 1 Part
  • Material Hot Rubber
  • Technology Rubberized Asphalt


Bring COLPHENE H to a consistent temperature of 350°F to 400°F (176.6°C to 204.4°C), paying close attention to not overheat. COLPHENE H is then applied to approved, compatible substrates using a flat blade squeegee. Refer to SOPREMA’s specifications and installation instructions for additional application guidelines.


Testing & Approvals

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Fourth Avenue Junior High School – Yuma, Arizona

The building that the Fourth Avenue Junior High resides in was built in 1920 and was named a National Historic Landmark in 1982. When the building required a re-cover roof project, its National Historic Landmark status and student safety was top priority. Due to its history and age, care needed to be taken when completing the project. The products installed were required to be odor-less and could not damage the building. A second requirement for the project was that it be completed quickly and without lingering odors, because they planned to complete the installation over their holiday break. This is where SOPREMA products came into play.

Flores De La Playa Condominium – Satellite Beach, Florida

When selecting a product to re-roof the building after the storm, it was important to select a product that would be able to withstand the impact of future tropical storms and hurricanes. The system that was selected included a base ply of ELASTOPHENE® SP 3.0 with 350 PSI lightweight concrete applied on top and SOPRALENE® 180 PS 3.0 with a cap sheet of SOPRALENE Flam 180 FR GR.