COLPHENE H is a hot applied, rubberized asphalt composed of a select blend of refined asphalts, recycled rubber and inert extenders. COLPHENE H is used in horizontal and vertical waterproofing of plazas, podiums, decks, planters, tunnels, underground vaults, bridges, foundation walls, garden roofs and parking garages. COLPHENE H is also used in IRMA configurations.

Product Properties

  • Installation Method 1 Part
  • Material Hot Rubber
  • Technology Rubberized Asphalt


Bring COLPHENE H to a consistent temperature of 350°F to 400°F (176.6°C to 204.4°C), paying close attention to not overheat. COLPHENE H is then applied to approved, compatible substrates using a flat blade squeegee. Refer to SOPREMA’s specifications and installation instructions for additional application guidelines.


Testing & Approvals

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