SBL HP Flashing Cement SKU: A236

SBL HP Flashing Cement SKU: A236

SBL HP (High Performance) Flashing Cement is a trowel grade elastic, rubberized roof flashing cement. It is composed of a proprietary formulation of elastomeric modified bitumen and solvents. Leading attributes of this flashing cement are its ease of application, superior adhesion characteristics to modified bitumen membranes and UV resistant properties. SBL HP Flashing Cement is a forerunner in high performance applications in both wet and dry conditions. Ideal for multiply SBS, APP and BUR roofing systems SBL HP Flashing Cement can also be used for repairs on shingle roof assemblies with steep slopes.


  • Ideal use in new flashing membrane assemblies that receive a SOPREMA warranty, repairs and
    maintenance applications
  • Rubberized superior elastic performance
  • Compatible with a variety of roofing assemblies
  • Enhanced membrane sag resistance with vertical applications
  • Heightened UV resistance
  • Apply on dry, damp, wet, or underwater assemblies
  • Go-to roof flashing cement for vertical applications
  • Designed with the ease of application by providing smooth spreadability
  • Made in the USA


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