SOPRACANT® MB Cant Strip SKU: 56196, 56197

SOPRACANT® MB Cant Strip SKU: 56196, 56197


Small — 24 pieces per box. Coverage per box 78.7 linear feet

Large — 12 pieces per box. Coverage per box 39.3.7 linear feet

SOPRACANT MB is a triangular shaped, modified bitumen cant strip designed to enhance the transition from horizontal to vertical surfaces in modified bitumen roof assemblies. The unique composition of the SOPRACANT MB cant strip is ideal for direct heat-welding application (unlike cant strips composed of foam insulation, perlite, wood fiber, or wood that require an additional separator layer), and it is also compatible with cold adhesive and hot asphalt applications.


Place cant strips in desired position. Secure cant strips to substrate using approved adhesive or hot asphalt following manufacturer specifications.


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