SOPRASEAL STICK FLASHPRO SKU: 22759, 22760, 22761, 22762, 22807

SOPRASEAL STICK FLASHPRO SKU: 22759, 22760, 22761, 22762, 22807

SOPRASEAL STICK FLASHPRO a 17mil, self-adhesive, air and vapor barrier flashing membrane composed of a polymer-based adhesive and a tough, tri-laminated woven polyethylene facer.  It is used as a water-resistive rough opening flashing membrane for windows and transitions prior to the installation of any of SOPREMA’s continuous air and vapor barriers used in wall assemblies.


  • Adhesion to all common wall construction without the use of a primer.
  • Highly compatible with typical glazing sealants
  • Asphalt free & no odor
  • Available in 5 widths to fit any opening.
  • Can be applied in temperatures as low as 5°F (-15°C).
  • Can be exposed to UV for up to 6 months during construction.


SUBSTRATE PREP – Substrates should be clean, sound, dry and free of loose materials, grease, and any contaminants that may compromise the adhesive performance of the product.

PRIMING – Primer is typically not required on most surfaces however, if needed, ELASTOCOL® STICK brand primer may be used and individual project field adhesion testing may be desirable.

INSTALLATION – Align membrane and remove silicone release paper. All membrane overlaps must be a minimum of 2 inches. Once installed, apply pressure over the entire surface with a weighted hand roller to ensure intimate contact of adhesive with the substrate. Please refer to SOPREMA detail drawings on our website for sequencing of the application.


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When the Denver Union Station was to go through a remodel, SOPREMA’s COLPHENE® BSW product was selected to waterproof the building.
In 2011, SOPREMA met the challenges of waterproofing the building envelope with the COLPHENE BSW system to ensure a seamless watertight solution. Over 170,000 sq ft of COLPHENE BSW was used as a waterproofing membrane.

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