SOPRAWALK™ is an SBS-modified bitumen ply used to create a walkpath and protect the field membrane from traffic. SOPRAWALK is composed of a proprietary formulation of elastomeric styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) polymer modified bitumen and is reinforced with tough, dimensionally stable non-woven polyester mat. The topside surfaced with ceramic coated granules while the underside is surfaced with fine mineral aggregate to facilitate heat welding, cold adhesive and hot asphalt applications.

Product Properties

  • Type Membrane Accessories


Prior to installation, unroll SOPRAWALK onto the roof surface and allow to relax. Place SOPRAWALK in desired position and back roll the product. SOPRAWALK is heat welded to approved substrates or applied with approved cold adhesive or hot asphalt following manufacturer specifications. SOPRAWALK is then rolled into the cold adhesive or hot asphalt and subsequently rolled with a weighted roller. Refer to the SOPREMA® SBS Roofing Manual for additional application guidelines.


Testing & Approvals

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Beijing Zoo Road Bridge – Beijing, China

The Zoo Road viaduct bridge crosses Beijing Zoo, as a part of the infrastructure for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The waterproofing area is about 27,000 ft2, and completed October 2007. The waterproofing layer was installed by SOPREMA Macaden Automatic Installation System with 200 meter long SBS modified bitumen membrane—ANTIROCK.

John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital – Buffalo, New York

SOPREMA’s SOPRASEAL® Xpress G air and vapor barrier was ideal for this project. The exterior grade, inorganic faced gypsum board with an air and vapor barrier factory applied to the exterior surface, is the first and only ABAA evaluated assembly. SOPRASEAL® Xpress G boards are mechanically fastened to the structure using corrosion resistant SOPRASEAL® Xpress G Screws. A 6 inch self-adhered strip of SOPRASEAL® Stick 1100T is then installed over all board joints.