SOPREMA® Counter Flashing SKU: M1011

SOPREMA® Counter Flashing SKU: M1011

SOPREMA® Counter Flashing is designed to provide a watertight
termination at the leading edge of the roofing material. SOPREMA Counter Flashings are manufactured in 12 foot lengths with pre-punched notched holes for quicker installation. Slotted fastening holes allow for proper thermal movement of the materials and ensure correct fastener placement and spacing. The flashing hooks and rotates to snap into the receiver for easier installation of two piece versions. SOPREMA Counter Flashing is also available in one piece surface mounts.

Product Properties

  • Type Flashing


Apply via mechanically fastening.


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Northwest Wine Academy – Seattle, Washington

In 2017, the Northwest Wine Academy was in need of a new retrofit roofing project. The retrofit was to take place over the existing metal roof covering 10,735 square feet. To complete the project, SOPREMA’s SENTINEL® P150 HFB Copper Art was selected as the main roofing membrane.

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When adding a new building to the Columbia University Medical Center campus, a top priority was that all products were available for a single source manufacturer that offered one warranty for the entire project. That is where SOPREMA came in.