SOPRAFLOR I SKU: 21129,21127,21126,21125,21124,21123,21122,21114,20432

SOPRAFLOR I SKU: 21129,21127,21126,21125,21124,21123,21122,21114,20432

SOPRANATURE SOPRAFLOR is a growing medium formulated for extensive non-irrigated and low-maintenance SOPRANATURE systems. SOPRANATURE SOPRAFLOR has a high percentage (70%) of mineral aggregates. This prevents the substrate from compacting in the long term, while improving air porosity and plant anchoring.

SOPRANATURE SOPRAFLOR I is a growing medium formulated for intensive and semi-intensive SOPRANATURE green roofs and plaza deck/roof gardens.

Product Properties

  • Function Vegetative solutions, Accessory products
  • Product roles Growing medium and pregrown


Lay the SOPRAFLOR I growing substrate and incorporate enrichment products if required. Spread the substrate evenly with a rake, water it until saturated, and compact it with a 250 lb to 270 lb lawn roller half-filled with water.

Refer to SOPREMA’s published technical literature for additional details and application requirements.


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Museum of the American Revolution – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Multiple SOPREMA products ranging from ELASTOPHENE® Flam to the SOPRANATURE® vegetated roofing system were used to complete this project. The Museum of the American Revolution is unique in the fact that it has an exposed SBS roof membrane, extensive vegetated roofs, terrace roofs with pavers and even has some vegetated wall systems. The building resembles 1800’s architecture with a modern flare.

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