SOPRAFLOR I SKU: 21129,21127,21126,21125,21124,21123,21122,21114,20432

SOPRAFLOR I SKU: 21129,21127,21126,21125,21124,21123,21122,21114,20432

SOPRANATURE SOPRAFLOR is a growing medium formulated for extensive non-irrigated and low-maintenance SOPRANATURE systems. SOPRANATURE SOPRAFLOR has a high percentage (70%) of mineral aggregates. This prevents the substrate from compacting in the long term, while improving air porosity and plant anchoring.

SOPRANATURE SOPRAFLOR I is a growing medium formulated for intensive and semi-intensive SOPRANATURE green roofs and plaza deck/roof gardens.

Product Properties

  • Function Vegetative solutions, Accessory products
  • Product roles Growing medium and pregrown


Lay the SOPRAFLOR I growing substrate and incorporate enrichment products if required. Spread the substrate evenly with a rake, water it until saturated, and compact it with a 250 lb to 270 lb lawn roller half-filled with water.

Refer to SOPREMA’s published technical literature for additional details and application requirements.


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