SOPREMA® Modified Drip Edge SKU: M1003

SOPREMA® Modified Drip Edge SKU: M1003

SOPREMA® Modified Drip Edge is engineered with an interlocking, concealed splice plate designed to prevent splice plate migration under the fascia panels. SOPREMA Modified Drip Edge is manufactured in 12 foot lengths with pre-punched fastening holes for precise fastener placement. Factory fabricated miters, scuppers and drainage accessories eliminate the need for field fabrication.

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Product Properties

  • Type Drip Edge


Apply via mechanically fastening.


Testing & Approvals

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Holiday Inn Express – Medina, Ohio

SOPREMA®’s SOPRASEAL® Stick VP self-adhered vapor-permeable air barrier membrane was installed to ensure a continuous air barrier with no moisture infiltration for this wall assembly requiring a “breathable” characteristic. It creates a solid barrier against air infiltration and exfiltration, which minimizes associated energy loss and condensation problems.

Beijing Zoo Road Bridge – Beijing, China

The Zoo Road viaduct bridge crosses Beijing Zoo, as a part of the infrastructure for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The waterproofing area is about 27,000 ft2, and completed October 2007. The waterproofing layer was installed by SOPREMA Macaden Automatic Installation System with 200 meter long SBS modified bitumen membrane—ANTIROCK.