SOPRASEAL LM 202 VP is a one-component spray applied vapor-permeable air barrier membrane used in wall construction. SOPRASEAL LM 202 VP is a water-based, ultra low VOC liquid product composed of a modified rubber formulation. This non-flammable vapor permeable air barrier provides moisture protection behind wall claddings such as brick, siding, metal panels, EIFS, and stucco. Utilization of a slipsheet is required for stucco cladding.

Product Properties

  • Air Permeability ASTM ASTM E2178
  • Air Permeability ASTM ASTM E2357
  • Air Permeability ASTM ASTM E283
  • Vapor Permability ASTM ASTM E96 (Procedure B)


To apply SOPRASEAL LM 202 VP mix the product until thoroughly blended. To apply SOPRASEAL LM 202 VP at temperatures below 40°F (4°C) but above 25°F (-4°C), blend with one quart container of SOPRASEAL LT Additive. Use a ¾” (19 mm) nap roller, paint brush or spray equipment to apply. Please refer to SOPREMA specifications and installation instructions for additional application guidelines prior to use.

Testing & Approvals


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