ALSAN® RS Cleaner

ALSAN® RS Cleaner

ALSAN RS Cleaner is a clear, blended solvent used to clean transition areas of in-place ALSAN RS liquid applied membranes at tie-ins, repairs and between staged coats of resins. ALSAN RS Cleaner is also used to clean and prepare plastic and metal surfaces prior to application of ALSAN RS membrane applications. It may also be used as a solvent for cleaning spills, tools, and equipment.


If work is interrupted and the surface of the cured resin is exposed to environmental elements for more than twelve hours or becomes dirty and contaminated, thoroughly clean the in-place and cured resin with ALSAN RS Cleaner. After the ALSAN RS Cleaner has been allowed 15 minutes to evaporate, the surface may be coated as required. ALSAN RS Cleaner should be applied using clean rags or cloth. The applicator is responsible for ensuring conditions are appropriate to proceed with proper application methods.


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