ALSAN® RS Vinyl Chips SKU: L-A156

ALSAN® RS Vinyl Chips SKU: L-A156

ALSAN RS VINYL CHIPS are solid, chemically inert, pigmented acrylic chips used to create decorative aesthetic finishes for ALSAN RS and ALSAN TRAFIK RS applications. ALSAN RS VINYL CHIPS are available in 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 inch flakes a variety of blends and colors.

Product Properties

  • Material Aggregate


ALSAN RS Vinyl Chips are broadcast into ALSAN RS 285 CF or ALSAN TRAFIK RS 787 CF and then top coated with the clear ALSAN TRAFIK RS 781 CL to lock them in. Vertical and horizontal surfaces should be cast separately, applying vertical surfaces first followed by deck areas using appropriate protection and masking. On vertical surfaces, cast aggregate into the wet resin with a perpendicular hand motion.

Once the substrate is dry and ready for the top coat you will need to remove any color flakes that did not adhere. The easiest way to do this is to sweep the substrate with a stiff bristle push broom followed by vacuuming or using a leaf blower to remove any loose chips. Apply ALSAN TRAFIK RS 781 CL according to published specifications.


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