ALSAN® RS Vinyl Chips SKU: LA150/LA151/LA152

ALSAN® RS Vinyl Chips SKU: LA150/LA151/LA152

ALSAN RS Vinyl Chips are solid, chemically inert, pigmented acrylic chips used to create decorative aesthetic finishes with ALSAN RS 287 Color Finish Base applications.

Product Properties

  • Material Aggregate


ALSAN RS Vinyl Chips are broadcast into ALSAN RS 287 Color Finish Base and ALSAN RS 289 Textured Base un-pigmented resins while wet. Consumption of ALSAN RS Vinyl Chips is subject to aesthetic considerations. Normal coverage is approximately 0.10 kg/100ft2 (0.01kg/m2). ALSAN RS Vinyl Chips may be broadcast by hand, using a “popcorn” gun with oil-free compressed air or a “shaker” with holes sized to control the flow of chips to be applied. ALSAN RS Vinyl Chips should be broadcast upward and allowed to drop into the resin. The applicator is responsible for ensuring conditions are appropriate to proceed with proper application methods.

Refer to ALSAN RS 287 Color Finish Base and ALSAN RS 289 Textured
Base product data sheets for additional information regarding mixing, Application and use.


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