SOPRANATURE® Inspection Chamber SKU: W843

SOPRANATURE® Inspection Chamber SKU: W843

SOPRANATURE Inspection Chambers fit over roof drains in order to protect drains from debris and particles that impact normal operation. SOPRANATURE Inspection Chambers are composed of aluminum and are available in three sizes, 12” x 12” and 24” x 24”. To accommodate larger and alternative drains, special order sizes are available.

SOPRANATURE Inspection Chamber Extensions are available for projects with varying heights due to sloped roofing or tapered insulation.

Product Properties

  • Type Green


SOPRANATURE Inspection Chambers are applied over drains prior to application of media or ballast to protect the drain from becoming blocked by media or ballast. Always install over a drainage layer to protect the waterproofing membrane. Filter fabric should be installed along the vertical drainage slots to prevent debris, media or ballast from entering the SOPRANATURE Inspection Chamber.


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