SOPRASEAL Liquid Flashing SKU: A509

SOPRASEAL Liquid Flashing SKU: A509

SOPRASEAL Liquid Flashing is a high quality, 100% solid low odor elastomeric polyether membrane. SOPRASEAL Liquid Flashing material is designed to provide air and water protection to critical rough openings while sealing joints and creating a seamless transition to air barrier membranes. SOPRASEAL Liquid Flashing can also be used to treat joints while adhering to aluminum, brick, concrete, wood, masonry and vinyl.

Product Properties

  • Type Sealant


All surfaces must be sound, clean, dry and free of wax, oil or other bond breaking contaminates. SOPRASEAL Liquid Flashing is applied to the approved area via a pneumatic cartridge applicator. Refer to the SOPRASEAL specifications and installation instructions prior to use.


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