ALSAN® TRAFIK RS 787 CF SKU: 00513929

ALSAN® TRAFIK RS 787 CF SKU: 00513929

ALSAN TRAFIK RS 787 CF (Color Finish) is a high-performance, rapid-setting, polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) liquid resin. ALSAN TRAFIK RS 787 CF is an unpigmented resin that must be mixed with a pre-measured and packaged ALSAN RS Color Additive.

Product Properties

  • Installation Method 2 Part
  • Material Liquid
  • Material PMMA


Using a slow-speed (200-400 rpm) mechanical agitator, thoroughly mix the entire container of resin for two minutes before use. Slowly add the entire contents of ALSAN RS COLOR ADDITITIVE to the resin and continue mixing for 2 – 5 minutes until uniform streak-free color. NOTE: Combining the color additive to ALSAN TRAFIK RS 787 CF does not affect pot life or cure time. Only catalyze the amount of material that can be used within 10-15 minutes. Add the pre-measured catalyst to the pigmented resin component and stir for two minutes and apply to the substrate. Refer to the catalyst information found on the second page of this product’s PDS. Apply without dilution or thinning.

ALSAN TRAFIK RS 787 CF should be uniformly spread across the substrate with a 3/8” nap roller, brush, notched or flat blade squeegee, using a roller to remove puddles. Finish the topcoat by lightly rolling in one direction, slightly overlapping previously rolled sections to create a single uniform application. The same finish roller procedure and direction should be used throughout the entire application to produce the most consistent and uniform sheen possible.


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